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      Terms of Use

      Last Updated: 2018.07.09
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      Changing The Font Size

      If you want to enlarge the font size, hit the left-hand A large sign at the top right corner of the screen. When you want to return the font to its original size, hit the right-hand A defaut sign at the top right corner of the screen.

      * We use JavaScript and Cookie on font size changes. You will not be able to use the font-size changer if you have disabled JavaScript and Cookie. Please check your browser settings and reinstate Cookie and Javascript if you want to use the font-size function.

      Screen Printing

      You can print the screen you are viewing if you click on the print sign at the top right hand corner of the screen.

      Using RSS

      We deliver the latest news information through RSS.
      Users with an RSS reader and RSS-enabled browser can check the status of our latest news releases.

      News Release: http://www.nangonggai.com/eng/about/news/index.xml (RSS 2.0)
      IR News: http://www.nangonggai.com/eng/ir/news/index.xml (RSS 2.0)

      Breadcrumbs List

      The current page position is displayed as layers in the site hierarchy. This is useful when wanting to confirm the current page position, or return directly to pages in the layers above.

      (Example) Breadcrumbs List

      Recommended Environment

      We recommend you use the following computer envrionments

      OS: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows10
      Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or later (except for the emulation mode)
      Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome
      *latest version
      OS: Mac OS X (latest version)
      Browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox
      *latest version

      Some of the content on the FR site uses animation, video, PDF, etc. In order to enjoy these contents, we would suggest users download the following browser plug-in software.

      Get Windows Media Player
      You will need Windows Media Player in order to view the video on this site. You can download this free of charge from Microsoft's home page.
      Get Adobe Reader
      You will need AcrobatReader in order to view the PDF files on this site. You can download this free of charge from the Adobe Systems' home page.
      Get Adobe Flash Player
      You can download the latest version of Macromedia Flash from the Adobe Systems' home page.

      Link Icons

      • PDF Icon A link displaying a PDF file
      • EXCEL Icon A link displaying an Excel file
      • MOVIE Icon A link displaying video

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