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      Last Updated: 2020.06.30to Japanese page


      Corporate Governance

      ?Our Approach to Corporate Governance
      ?Outline of Corporate Governance
      ?Corporate Governance at Fast Retailing
      ?Messages from External Directors and Auditors
      ?Composition of Committees
      ?Committees and Their Responsibilities
      ?General Meeting of Shareholders
      ?Shareholder Engagement

      ?The Board of Directors
      ?The Board of Auditors
      ?The Nomination and Remuneration of Directors,
      Auditors and Corporate Officers
      ?Independent External Directors
      ?Shareholder Dividends
      ?Strategic Shareholdings
      ?FR Policy on Transactions between Related Parties

      Internal Control

      ?Basic policy on internal control systems
      ?Internal audits and operational systems to ensure
      healthy organizational management
      ?Risk management systems
      ?Systems for ensuring effective auditing by
      statutory auditors

      Risk Management

      ?Our Approach to Risk Management
      ?Risk Management Framework
      ?Information Security Framework
      ?Crisis Management Framework in
      Times of Natural Disaster

      Code of Conduct

      ?CEO Message
      ?General Rules
      ?Code of Conduct Basic Principles


      ?Instilling a basic code of conduct
      across our business
      ?Employee Hotline
      ?Preventing corrupt practices
      ?Business Partner Operational Guidelines

      Tax Policy

      ?Legal compliance
      ?Appropriate organization of tax function
      ?Educational activities
      ?Appropriate communication with tax authorities

      Information Security

      ?Information Security

      Privacy Protection

      ?Protecting Personal Information